NIK is the company based on own experiences in manufacture and footwear sale.

Since 1989 we have advisedly developed and formed our brand, which has a main goal to become the brand creating new trends, showing direction in fashion development for young and energetic clients. The latest collections are made without any limits or compromises. We offer you several hundred prototypes of model shoes, several dozen colouristic variants, the best type of leather. All for well-known standard and unique design. We work with passion which helps us create quality in all fields our activity, from collection projects, through marketing to modern trade. Our product has excellent quality and maximal comfort for feet. Consumer satisfaction is the most important issue. We make use of skills and creativity owned by our designer to surprise customers with freshness of our trendy footwear. We aim to our shoes will characterize our customers. Every collection is made with them in our mind.

Thanks for your trust.

More then 513 feedback about shopping in our online store. We are grateful for Your appreciate our effort put on creating Polish brand.

„Good Polish quality is always on top”

NIK is currently a strong brand with an established market position. High brand awareness among target customers gives us a sense of meeting their expectations. Over a dozen years of experience in the sale of footwear in Poland and the presence on many foreign markets is a guarantee of success over the next few years.


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