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Sandały NIK BioForm - Czarne - Fussbett Expand

Black sandals genuine leather type with anatomical inserts NIK BioForm from the mass of capped tube. NEW 2019. The model, which is  sample from years liderującym among this type of shoes.

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Black sandals made of genuine leather with inserts anatomical NIK BioForm from the mass of capped tube. NEW 2019. Applies to hugging, sandal trees insert NIK BioForm is a reflection of the anatomy of the foot, so the weight of the body rests naturally and steadily on the whole surface of the foot.

Sandały NIK 5902-07-0090-01-5-24-03 Bioform

The range of summer footwear, NIK, You will find many kinds of shoes with built-in soft liner NIK BioForm for sensitive feet - sandals, flip-flops, slippers. As for both women and men. We are in Poland, here we develop and 100% we produce our shoes. We have documents confirming the health properties of shoes cartridge type NIK BioForm.

We offer You shoes NIK BioForm with a built-in crotch gusset from the mass of the closure tube of the type fussbett. Pattern from years a leader among this type of shoes. Versatile lace-up, suitable for all kinds of clothing like pants and shorts, skirts and even dresses. Great for use during daily work and leisure on summer trips. Perfect for summer long distance travel tourism.

Shaft made of genuine leather in black color, provides high durability. The length of the straps can be adjusted, applied the Velcro. Inner insert NIK BioForm is a reflection of the anatomy of the foot - due to the fact that the weight of the body rests naturally and steadily on the whole surface of the foot. This is the ultimate in convenience and comfort.

Cork-latex footbed consists of a special, highest quality natural cork with natural latex. For more comfort between the elastic mixture of cork is an additional layer of foamed natural rubber, and the face covered with a mesh of natural jute binder all and ensures a high durability of the entire insole. This design allows for a long ability of the depreciation of the so-called microquakes produced during normal everyday walking. Anatomically formed part of the latex, internally consists of millions of tiny air bubbles, which significantly improves comfort while walking. A layer of jute are placed in the liner and improves its elasticity and greatly influences durability. Jute is an absorbent fabric that has the properties of trapping moisture.

Sandały NIK 5902-07-0090-01-5-24-03 wkładka Fussbett

Upholstery made of genuine leather ensures Your foot proper hygiene, reliability and favorable conditions. Largely absorbs moisture and provides a good climate around the foot.

The lower part (sole) is made of elastic, durable and light materials like butadiene rubber, or copolymers of EVA. Materials very resistant to abrasion and eliminating the so-called microquakes which occurs when walking.

The combination of the above technologies, the use of materials, uncompromising quality and Polish of execution, leads to the creation of shoes with a classic design, unmatched comfort, extremely high strength and health preventive advantages. If you are looking for comfortable shoes to use at work, home and in the yard - just found a dress for yourself!

Shoes with anatomical cartridges type "fussbet" for many years, always enjoying the popularity among the Customers, considering the convenience, and, above all, a timeless, versatile design. The range of this kind of shoes in catalogs NIK there more than twenty years. Experience educate and develop in cooperation with renowned Spanish manufacturers of profiled cartridges which are the basis of this type of shoes, guaranteeing a comfortable, modern anatomy and health properties. Health features and anatomic has been in the past many times positively reviewed and evaluated by competent agencies on certification.

Clasp type Velcro
Color Black
Skin type Genuine leather
Interior Genuine leather
The thickness of the sole under the heel 3 cm
Total height of shoes 10.5 cm
Destiny Daily
Season Spring, Summer
The type of shoes Sandals
For whom ? Women's



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